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Story of Facebook tattoo girl a hoax

Olwen Mears


The news about a Dutch girl who had a sleeve tattoo of her 152 Facebook friends marked onto her arm was all a clever advertising stunt.

  • Photo: Youtube

    Photo: Youtube


As strange as it seemed, many of us fell for the story of the Dutch girl who got the profile photos of all 152 of her Facebook friends sleeve tattooed onto her arm.

She even posted a video on YouTube entitled ''Social tattoo'' which apparently shows a summary of the entire tattooing process. "After months of work," announced the girl, Susyj87, "I want to show everybody my social tattoo."

The tattoo artist who appears in the video, Dehvyathe Xaviera Moelker better known as Dex, finally came clean to Dutch paper Telegraaf, however, admitting the whole thing was an elaborate advertising stunt.

So what we were led to believe was an intricate and complex tattooing process taking 30 hours was in fact the application of a temporary transfer that took just 2 hours to apply.

Strategically it is undeniably a clever campaign: what better way to attract potential customers than with another crackpot tattoo story that turns out to be a cleaner, safer and more pain-free way of getting a colourful and original tattoo?




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