July 6-14

Run with the San Fermin bulls, in complete safety

Olwen Mears


This year, run with the bulls at the San Fermin 'encierros' while enjoying complete safety in a different city.


In the not-to-distant future, it may no longer be necessary to travel all the way to Pamplona, or even leave your home, in order to enjoy the thrill of the San Fermines traditional Running of the Bulls.

Every year, San Fermin fiesta-goers from all over the globe risk life, limb and reputation in the traditional ''encierros'', which take place every morning of the festivities.

However, a brand new virtual video game now allows you to run with the bulls in complete and utter safety.

The Running of the Bulls is the highlight of the San Fermin fiesta, which involves racing as fast as you can in front of about six free-running bulls while trying not to get hurt.

On average, between 200-300 people are injured every year in the Running of the Bulls, often as a result of goring. Since 1910, a total of 15 people have died.




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