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Rise in divorce leads to increase in intimate cosmetic surgery


Pubic liposculpture, vaginal tightening, labia reduction and reconstruction of the hymen are the most sought-after intimate cosmetic procedures in Spain.

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The demand for intimate cosmetic surgery has increased twofold in Spain over the past five years, a figure which experts partly attribute to a rise in divorce.

Following the break-up of their marriages, experts say, many women become concerned about their genital area, from a health perspective but also in terms of appearance.

Findings were unveiled on Monday at the 10th Conference of the Spanish Society of Medicine for Anti-aging and Longevity (Semal).

According to Spanish plastic surgeons, the most popular cosmetic procedures include liposculpture of the 'public mons' (pubic mound), vaginal tightening, reduction of the 'labia majora' (larger vaginal lips) and hymen restoration. Demands vary depending on each woman.

The conference revealed that young women are also choosing to have intimate cosmetic surgery such as to correct congenital defects, particularly to the labia minora (or inner vaginal lips), or postnatal corrective surgery.

Divorcées, Muslim and Gypsy women are among those most frequently seeking operations to restore their hymens. Women aged between 50 and 60 are most likely to seek surgery to restore intimate areas which have been affected by the process of aging, such as the vaginal labia.

As the conference closed on Monday, the President of Semal published a Decalogue of anti-aging measures which help women to lead longer and fuller lives, including giving up smoking, eating healthily, managing their emotions and remaining positive and in good humour.




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