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Canal Vasco

How to tune in to Basque Country's TV Channel Canal Vasco



Canal Vasco is designed for South and North America and American audiences. Television programs are mostly broadcast in Spanish while Basque language emissions appear with subtitles.

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    Canal Vasco

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Programming on Canal Vasco is aimed at a broad audience and not only those of Basque origin or with an interest in the Basque Country. It is aimed at all those interested in finding out more and getting closer to Europe. The Basque TV channel Canal Vasco has a two-way purpose: it works to bring Basque culture closer to America and American and Latin American culture closer to the Basque Country.

There are three main features in Canal Vasco's television scheduling; they are news, sport and cultural and leisure items.


How to tune in to Canal Vasco into your set

The following information provides the technical details necessary for tuning in to Canal Vasco from America:

- Satellite: Hispasat 1C, 30º West

- Frequency: 12.052 Mhz. V

- Transp: 59

- Sym Rate: 27500 MSY m/sg

- FEC: ¾

- Service ID: 110

- Video pid 4256

- Audio pid 4257


How to tune in to Basque radio stations Radio Euskadi and Euskadi Irratia

Euskadi Irratia and Radio Euskadi are available on these settings:

Radio Euskadi

Service ID: 213

Audio Pid: 44

Euskadi Irratia

Service ID: 212

Audio Pid: 43

Contact us

Anyone who wishes to get in touch with us may do so by calling our phone number +(34) 94 656 3000 or sending an e-mail to the following address: canalvasco.etbsat@eitb.com



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