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About Us

EITB today

EITB is a publicly owned audiovisual group that operates broadcast media in the Basque Country.

EITB is a public service broadcaster answerable to the Basque Government whose remit is to respond to the needs of Basque society with a range of audiovisual products including news & current affairs, educational content and entertainment of a plural, attractive, high-quality nature, to promote the Basque language and culture and to help normalise and extend the use of Basque in the current audiovisual ecosystem.

It has three business units for creating and distributing content: TV, Radio and Online. The three are currently run jointly under the flagship company EITB Media. The broad range of content offered by EITB includes news and entertainment in both Basque and Spanish.

The organisation currently has 5 TV channels (ETB1, ETB2, ETB3, ETB4 & EITB Basque), 6 radio stations (Euskadi Irratia, Gaztea, Radio Euskadi, Radio Vitoria, EITB Musika and EITB Euskal Kantak) and several digital products including a website (eitb.eus), a streaming service with live and on-demand content (EITB Nahieran) and apps for Smart TVs and mobile devices. It also distributes content via YouTube and social media.