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Carnival in the Basque Country

Tolosa Carnival: Days of feast and parody

The nights between the winter and summer solstices were long in the Basque farmhouses. They needed several celebrations to make winter more bearable: Hence, Carnivals were born.


Nuclear Plant of Garoña

  • Nuclear plant of Garoña

    Nuclear plant of Garoña

Nuclear Safety Council allows Nuclenor more time to request extension

The nuclear plant of Garoña was scheduled to stop working next July 6th.


Noos corruption case

Cristina was charged last month in the case, the first time a member of the royal family had been the subject of criminal proceedings since the 1970s. Charges were dropper a week later.


In the Arabian Gulf

One of the main goals of the collaboration project between is to evaluate the current state of fish species and their habitats.


New anti-eviction law

The regional government said Thursday the house in the southern city of Huelva would be taken off a bank mortgage company which issued the tenant an eviction order for failing to keep up payments.



Last week, the Commission said restaurants would be banned from serving oil to diners in refillable glass jugs or dipping bowls from next year.


Eustat data

According to the Basque statistics office Eustat, the balance for the first quarter of 2013 compared to 2012 registered decreases of 5.7% in the number of visitors and 6.9% in overnight stays.


Economic crisis

For some families, middle class not so long ago, food banks have turned to be the only solution to find food to put on their plates.


Picon Punch

The origins of Picon Punch, a " favourite at Basque festivals for generations", are not clear but it seems that the cocktail was first mixed by Basque immigrants who went to Nevada to herd sheep.

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The Tamborrada of Donostia-San Sebastian

The traditional Tamborrada of San Sebastian to Sarriegui's March

Enjoy this short video featuring images old and new of the Tamborrada of San Sebastian to the festival's traditional March, composed by Raimundo Sarriegui.


Flag hoisting

Tamborrada: Donostia, thousands of drums, non-stop for 24 hours

As the clocks ring in San Sebastian Day, thousands of members of the city's gastronomic societies fill the air with the sound of their drumming - and for 24 hours they just don't stop.