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  • Basque Premier Iñigo Urkullu. Photo: EITB

    Basque Premier Iñigo Urkullu. Photo: EITB

PNV would repeat win if elections were held now

The Socialist party would lose a seat that would be won by Ezker Anitza-IU. The remainder parties in the Basque parliament would have the same results than those achieved half a year ago.


Challenge to Rajoy

  • Spain's former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar

    Spain's former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar

Spain's former PM Aznar suggests political comeback


In a rare interview on Spanish tv since leaving power in 2004 and handpicking Rajoy as his successor in the centre-right PP, Aznar called on the government to cut taxes and create new jobs.



Opposition parties PSE-EE, PP and UpyD voted for the resolution, that was rejected by EH Bildu. Ruling party PNV abstained.



A Supreme Court ruling ratified earlier this month a five-year sentence to Urtza Alkorta for collaboration with ETA. She was given ten days to report on prison and has been wanted ever since.


Internationalisation Strategy

According to the Basque Government's Minister for Economic Development, Germany has been one of the main partners of the Basque Country in terms of imports and exports in recent years.



Iñigo Urkullu presented some of the most important Basque firms with a Basque Government program that seeks to boos the role of these firms abroad.


New rules on construction

The new rules reduce the area where construction is completely banned from 100 to 20 metres from the coastline, with building to be allowed in exceptional cases in the 80 metres in between.


Spain hit by crisis

Conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told Parliament on Wednesday that Spain was no longer close to a financial abyss and the threat of needing a bailout had receded.


Spain's interior minister

According to the Interior minister, the operation dismantled the running of safe houses, the providing of stolen vehicles and the production of counterfeit material.

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