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International star

Heidi the cross-eyed Opossum may take part in Oscars



A US TV network has expressed an interest in hiring the possum to perform a satellite connection the day of the Awards ceremony.

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Heidi, the cross-eyed possum who recently gained worldwide fame thanks to her penetrating gaze, could become a Hollywood star after receiving an offer to take part in the next Oscar Awards ceremony, being held this February.

A spokesperson at Leipzig zoo where Heidi resides revealed that a US television network and been in touch to express an interest in hiring the possum.

The zoo spokesperson added it was not foreseen that Heidi would have to travel to the US in order to take part in the Oscar ceremony, but that the network would instead set up a satellite connection live from the zoo on February 27th, the day of the ceremony.

In the meantime, says German newspaper Bild, Heidi, a North American Opossum, is being subjected to a strict diet due to her problems with excess weight. "We feed her lettuce, carrots, lean chicken. But her favourite is cauliflower," zoo staff member Maria Saegebarth told Bild, pointing out that over the past few weeks the possum had managed to lose 14.10 ounces.


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