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PNV would repeat win if elections were held now

The Socialist party would lose a seat that would be won by Ezker Anitza-IU. The remainder parties in the Basque parliament would have the same results than those achieved half a year ago.

  • Basque Premier Iñigo Urkullu. Photo: EITB

    Basque Premier Iñigo Urkullu. Photo: EITB

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The Basque nationalist party PNV, ruling party in the Basque Country, would win the vote and as many seats as in October election (27), according to a poll conducted by the Basque Government's Office of Sociological Research.

The distribution of the seats in the 75-seat Basque chamber would not differ much from the current one. According to the poll, left-wing party Ezker Anitza-IU would win a seat. The Basque socialist party PSE-EE would be the only losing party and its representation in the Basque chamber would be reduced from 16 to 15 seats.

EH Bildu would follow the vote winners with 21 seats. The conservative party PP, whose leader Antonio Basagoiti has been replaced by Arantza Quiroga, would win 10 seats and UpyD would have one seat.

With regard to survey results per province, EH Bildu would win a seat in Araba, from six to seven) and the Socialist party would lose one, from six to five). In Bizkaia all the parties would have the same results, whereas in Gipuzkoa, EH Bildu would lose one seat, from nine to eight, and Ezker Anitza-IU would win their only seat.