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Extraordinary cabinet

Basque Government withdraws 2013 budget bill, will use 2012's

The Basque administration ruled out presenting a new budget bill considering it was not going to receive the support of any of the opposition parties.

  • Iñigo Urkullu and Josu Erkoreka. Photo: EFE

    Iñigo Urkullu and Josu Erkoreka. Photo: EFE

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The Basque Government announced on Thursday its decision to withdraw the 2013 budget bill and to operate using the 2012 budget bill considering that the bill was not going to have the necessary support in the parliament.

In a press conference after an extraordinary cabinet meeting, spokesman for the government Josu Erkoreka explained that the executive had reached that point after becoming aware that none of the parties in the opposition was willing to support neither the budget bill they had presented or any other one. The ruling party PNV has 27 seats in the 75-seat parliament.

The withdrawal of the budget bill cancels a parliamentary session scheduled for Friday in which the bill was likely to be rejected.

Erkoreka defended the withdrawal and claimed it was not a failure for the government. He also claimed it was a 'punishment by the opposition parties'.

The Basque Government will operate now using the 2012 budget bill.