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Restless traveler launches Basque Country Cuisine app



The Basque Country: Cuisine and Culture guide application is available in both iPhone and iPad format and can be downloaded for 2.99 dollars - the price of a pintxo.

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An American freelance journalist, now resident in the Basque coastal resort of Donostia-San Sebastian, has launched an Iphone and Ipad application designed to help tourists find their way around the Basque Country, its cuisine and culture.

Author and self-confessed 'restless traveler' Mark Ayling, originally from California, wrote the guide after spending one year 'traversing the Basque Country from Bilbao to Biarritz', satisfying his own palate and curiosity while gathering a wealth of information to pack into his new, interactive guidebook.

For Ayling, the new app, entitled The Basque Country: Cuisine and Culture is 'the fruit of his travels and the product of his passion for everything Basque'.

In a culture that ‘centers around food’, like others before him Ayling has recognised the need for a guide that helps you 'make sense of a seemingly endless gamut of restaurants, bars and wineries'.

In an increasingly technical age, travel guides need to keep up with the latest. With the trend for long weekends and short city breaks, seasoned travelers look for ways to cut to the heart of a culture while simultaneously avoiding overpriced tourist traps.

Whether you seek Michelin Star restaurants, the best pintxos or quality budget food, the new application aims to offer a comprehensive guide to the best cuisine, as well as reviews and tips for saving money. Interactive maps also mean the route to your nearest 'best bites' is at the tip of your fingers.

In addition to gastronomy, The Basque Country: Cuisine and Culture guide includes information on tourist locations, insights into Basque history and culture and reviews of 17 coastal villages, should you choose to navigate the coastal road from Bilbao to San Sebastian.