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Nuclear Plant of Garoña

  • Nuclear plant of Garoña

    Nuclear plant of Garoña


Noos corruption case

  • Princess Cristina. Photo: EFE

    Princess Cristina. Photo: EFE

Judge to investigate Princess Cristina for presumed tax irregularities

Cristina was charged last month in the case, the first time a member of the royal family had been the subject of criminal proceedings since the 1970s. Charges were dropper a week later.


2013 data

According to the Basque statistics office Eustat, those destined for the EU fell by 9.8%, whereas there were rises in those destined for the United States , Brazil and China.



The Socialist party would lose a seat that would be won by Ezker Anitza-IU. The remainder parties in the Basque parliament would have the same results than those achieved half a year ago.


New anti-eviction law

The regional government said Thursday the house in the southern city of Huelva would be taken off a bank mortgage company which issued the tenant an eviction order for failing to keep up payments.


London attack

  • 25-year-old Afghan war veteran Lee Rigby. Photo: EITB

    25-year-old Afghan war veteran Lee Rigby. Photo: EITB

British police ponder conspiracy after soldier murder


The two suspects, aged 22 and 28, are under guard in hospitals after being shot and arrested by police following the murder of 25-year-old Afghan war veteran Lee Rigby on Wednesday in broad daylight.


In the Arabian Gulf

One of the main goals of the collaboration project between is to evaluate the current state of fish species and their habitats.



Last week, the Commission said restaurants would be banned from serving oil to diners in refillable glass jugs or dipping bowls from next year.


Fighting unemployment

Youth unemployment has reached a record 42 percent in Portugal and 57 percent in Spain as governments squeeze spending and raise taxes to try to get national finances under control.



  • ETB Sat

    ETB Sat

EiTB replaces satellite broadcasting in Europe for Internet and cable

From May 1st, ETBSat will no longer broadcast via satellite in Europe. However, viewers will be able to keep on watching ETBSat on the Internet.

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